How To Select the Right Multivitamin Suppelement


Most people realize it's near impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals needed from their diet and foods they eat.  If you're interested in reading the history on why we need supplements today, check out the "Need for Supplementation" page.

With so many supplements on the market, how do you know which one to pick?  Turn on the TV or walk into a vitamin store and the choices seeme endless.  With many products promoting themselves as the best.

The goal of this site is to cut down on the confusion and layout a no nonsense system for evaluating supplements.  Here's our six step guide:


1) Does the supplement dissolve in your body?

2) Does the supplement work?

3) Is the supplement guaranteed free of banned and illegal substances?

4) Is there independent, 3rd party publications supporting the product?

5) Is the supplement manufactured to the highest quality control standards?

6) Does the supplement containt the minumum amount of nutrients or the optimal amounts based on cutting edge science?


USANA Health Sciences (USANA means "truth health" in Greek") is one of the model companies for nutritional supplements on the market.   They have two multivitamin products, the Essentials and HealthPak 100, which receive a lot of recognition in the nutritional science field.  The next page will outline the 6 steps and incorporate USANA in there.

One word before moving forward.... understand that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does very little to regulate the nutritional supplement market.  There are some guidelines, but they are loose and hard to enforce.  However, by spending a few minutes and educating yourself you'll be able to tell the good supplements from the not so good ones.

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