USANA Health Sciences has two main multivitamin products for adults, the Essentials and HealthPak 100


The Essentials is the award winning multivitamin.  It comes in two bottles and is very affordable at $39.95 per 28 day supply. Here's how it stacks up to other products on price.


The HealthPak 100 is USANA's flagship product.  It contains the Essentials, along with extra calcium and unique antioxidant blends. The HealthPak 100 was formulated to support a healthy heart, healthy bones and joints, healthy eyes, and healthy lungs.*  It comes in convenient  AM/PM prefilled packets. You just "grab and go" with these.  You tear the packet open, take the products and just throw away the packaging.  This is great for people who are busy or have trouble remembering to take their supplements.

A 28 day supply is $107.00



USANA has also formulated multivitamin products for kids and teenagers as well.  These formulas meet all the same strict guidelines that the Essentials and HealthPak 100 do.


USANA's Body Rox is a teens multivitamin designed for ages 13 to 18.  A 28 day supply is $19.95

The Usanimals is the kids multivitamin designed for kids 13 months to 12 years old.  A 28 day supply is $12.50.  You can see a comparison of Usanimals compared to other childrens products here.


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USANA has a convience program called "autoship" where they will ship you out next month's supply right before your current supply runs out.  This ensures that you never run out of your supplements!  The autoship is an obligation free program that can be changed or cancelled at any time.


Dr. Ray Strand, nutritional medicine expert, recommends taking the products for at least 6 months to get the full benefit.  It can take awhile for the vitamins and minerals to "really get in your system."


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